The GCSE maths course with unlimited 1-to-1 support

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Is your child struggling with GCSE maths?

Do they lack self-confidence or motivation?



After working with hundreds of GCSE students over the last 15 years I’ve realised that most of them aren’t achieving anywhere near the grades they’re capable of.

Their homework takes them longer than it should, making them tired and resentful, and they often develop maths anxiety which makes them reluctant to have extra help, despite lacking confidence and underperforming.

All in all, it’s a pretty stressful experience, and they end up hating maths with every fibre of their being.

It really frustrates me to see unhappy teenagers with so much on their plate being told to work HARDER when they don’t have any more hours in the day.

They don’t need to work harder, they need to work BETTER, and a few changes in the way you think about maths can have a huge impact across the entire syllabus.

I honestly believe that maths is the most important GCSE and the easiest one to fix.



I'm Rob Carter

After graduating from Cambridge University with a 1st in maths, I’ve coached hundreds of maths students, and they have constantly surprised themselves with what they’re able to achieve.

They’ve managed to break the vicious cycle of getting average grades because they were TOLD they would get average grades, something that is only made worse by grouping students by ability.

I want to change the way maths is taught and genuinely believe that everyone is capable of achieving top grades.

The biggest mistake that schools make is they start by teaching students the easiest TOPICS (which is boring and doesn’t engage them) rather than starting with the easiest MARKS.

This is a much more exciting way to learn, and gives students an initial burst of confidence and self-belief that actually makes them enjoy maths more. Two great examples of this are:

1. Giving students strategies for what to do when they get stuck. It takes 5 minutes to teach but can often get them 5 extra marks on a paper, since the easiest marks on the paper are often the first marks of the hardest questions.

2. Learning how to use your calculator properly. This takes about an hour to learn but can get you an extra 5-10 marks across the whole paper, and is INCREDIBLY useful for finding 'silly mistakes'.





The course is all done online, and is specifically designed to fit around busy school schedules.

The entire syllabus is broken down into roughly 10-minute videos, to be watched at school during prep, at home in the evenings, whenever and wherever suits your child, and for however long suits their attention span.

Students can message me on Whatsapp any time of day, take photos of problems they’re stuck on, leave voice notes etc, whatever works for them.

It’s like having a private tutor in their pocket 24/7. And on top of that they can book weekly 30-minute 1-to-1 Zoom calls with me.

Students inevitably get slightly behind in term time but catch up in half term and holidays, and the weekly zoom calls roll over to give them complete flexibility over their schedules.

I can also see exactly how far they've progressed through the course, and send them friendly reminders if they start slacking :)

The Whatsapp support has been working particularly well this year; my students love the immediacy of it and it means they never forgot a question - something that happens all the time with regular tutoring.

It also allows me to get to know my students better and understand how they think, in order to improve their grades as much as possible.

It gives me so much more satisfaction to TRANSFORM the maths of a small number of students, and since I offer unlimited 1-to-1 support - something that is completely unheard of in the world of online courses - I only take on a small number of students.




So if you’re tired of nagging your child to do their homework, if you’ve sent your child to extra maths clinics at school but their grade isn’t improving, if you don’t want to pay for 2 years of private tutoring, if you’ve searched for other maths courses online but you don’t think your teenager will particularly enjoy 200 hours of self-study, if you’ve bought the CGP revision guides but you hate the way they’ve put maths jokes on every single page because they have no idea how to engage teenagers…

Get in touch!

I absolutely love what I do and I think I have something valuable to offer people who are struggling with their GCSE maths.

If this might be of interest to you, or even if you just have any questions, book in a free 30-minute strategy call with me on the link below, and I look forward to meeting you.


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Please bring as much information as you can (report cards, comments from teachers etc) so I can get a full picture of where they're at and what they need.

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“Nicola came into our room after last night's session with the biggest smile on her face and buzzing with excitement. Haven't seen her this happy in weeks so big thank you.”

- Camilla

“Arran came into my study post-session, enthused about you and your flash cards it’s fair to say. What witchcraft are you using on him! It’s a very positive start.”

- Natasha

“I think my biggest take away was that you gave her the confidence and insights on exam techniques to tackle questions and try to write something for those marks - not just for maths but across all subjects.

- Andrea